Peter Inu is Hyped! is Sexy! Live Soon!

Welcome to Peter Inu 3

Peter Inu Is Unleashing Giggity Gains!

Hehehe, hey there folks! This is Peter here, and lemme tell ya, Peter Inu is the one meme coin you don’t wanna miss out on!

So, we’ve got this crazy awesome team, right? They’ve been doin’ this crypto thing for over 5 years and launched a whole bunch of projects worth like, hundreds of millions of dollars! No joke, these guys know their stuff. Kinda like how I know my Pawtucket Patriot Ale, hehehe. Anyway, our gang’s got mad skills in Web3 and marketing, and they’re as determined as me tryin’ to get my hands on the last piece of pie. That’s right, we got all the secret sauce to make this Peter Inu thing blast off to the moon!

Low token fees 8

2% Reflections

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Gains Galore!

Get this folks! A whopping 2% of all tax is gonna bounce right back to you Peter Inu holders, like a boomerang made of cash! The longer you hold on to this bad boy, the more moolah you'll rake in!

3% Marketing

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Giggity Growth

For any project to be freakin' sweet, it needs some top-notch marketing, right? So, we're putting 3% into spreading the word with the level of excitement of the Kool-Aid Man bustin' through a wall! OOOO YEEEAH!

2% Dev

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Brainy Blueprint

To make this project as awesome as a Peter's dance number, we're gonna use 2% for all those development shenanigans. And hey, don't you worry – we're not gettin' any free token handouts over here.

1% Buy Back

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Loyalty Boost!

We're gonna take 1% and use it to buy back Peter Inu at the right time, like some sort of stealthy, crypto ninja! Then, we'll burn those tokens like an overcooked turkey, shrinkin' supply and pumpin' up the price!

How To Buy Peter Inu 5

Token Details

Contract Address

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Our LP will be locked for 6 months on launch and will be extended as the project progresses.

The liquidity pool, a cornerstone of our project, shall be securely locked for an initial period of six months upon launch. As we witness the project's advancement, the lock shall be duly extended, ensuring stability and confidence for our esteemed investors.


There will 100M tokens in circulation. We do not have a mint function so supply can never be increased passed 100M.

A meticulously planned supply of precisely 100 million tokens shall circulate within the market. Our commitment to financial prudence is evident in the absence of a mint function, thereby ensuring the supply shall never exceed this predefined threshold of 100 million tokens.


We have opted for a blockchain that will give us the best chance of success. Our token ticker will be PETER.

In our relentless quest for greatness, we've handpicked a blockchain that maximizes our chances for success. Our token will proudly bear the unique and memorable ticker symbol: $PETER.


Keep an eye on this statistic. As mentioned before, we will buy tokens and burn them forever.

Stay focused on this key number. As we've shared, our approach involves buying back tokens and burning them forever, continually refining and perfecting our token ecosystem.


Phase 1
Launch Website
Introducing the Revolutionary PeterInu.com

We're committed to securing the perfect domain name and meticulously crafting our one-of-a-kind website, PeterInu.com. This will encompass the development of stunning artwork, solid hosting, and the careful construction of the site itself, ultimately delivering an extraordinary experience for our users.

Our Innovative BEP20 Contract

Ladies and gentlemen, with our profound expertise in Web3 development, we are going to revolutionize the BEP20 Smart Contract space. By integrating the most innovative and captivating utilities, we'll create something truly groundbreaking that will change the game forever. Get ready to witness the future.

Build Community
Community: Telegram, Twitter, Discord

We're launching our vibrant Telegram community and innovative marketing efforts to attract pioneers for this journey. We're crafting social channels and strategies to engage and inspire every member. Be part of something truly remarkable.

Launch Presale
Pinksale Pool Creation

We're launching our presale pool on Pinksale with exclusive whitelist spots for lucky members. Once filled, we'll immediately debut on the DEX. Prepare for an exceptional experience.

CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko

As soon as we launch, we'll apply for listings on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Our vast experience in listing projects ensures that we'll navigate this process with precision and efficiency. We're committed to making this a remarkable success.

Phase 2
Start Marketing Campaigns

We have a groundbreaking vision for our marketing strategy. By seamlessly merging community-driven marketing, powerful viral techniques, and time-tested web2 approaches, we will deliver unparalleled results that will propel our project to new heights. This is the future of marketing!

Peter Polls
New Voting System

Development begins of ground-breaking decentralized voting system that will enhance and elevate our community engagement to new heights! This is the decentralization at its finest.

Launch of Peter Merchandise

We unveil the Peter Merch Shop, offering an exclusive, limited collection of items tailored specifically for our passionate community. We've made no compromises in ensuring the highest quality, creating merchandise that not only looks extraordinary, but also reflects the essence of our shared vision.

Start Ambassador Program

We have an incredible opportunity for a select group of individuals to become ambassadors of our phenomenal project. These trailblazers will be instrumental in spreading our message far and wide, igniting the passion of the masses, and propelling our vision to new heights. Together, we will create a legacy.

Phase 3
Launch Peter NFT Collection

Introducing a stunning collection of artistic NFTs, crafted to captivate and inspire. Utilize your PETER tokens to mint these unique, masterfully designed NFTs directly on our platform. Be part of this revolutionary fusion of creativity and technology.

Game Development
Develop Peter Play

We're embarking on an exciting journey to develop captivating games that embrace the power of PETER coins. Unlock a world of entertainment where you can play, compete, and triumph using your PETER coins.

Game Completion
Complete development of Peter Play

We've reached the final stages of development for Peter Play games, a groundbreaking suite of games that will transform the way you engage with your PETER coins. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

New Marketing
Celebrity Marketing

We're teaming up with renowned celebrities to unleash the full potential of Peter Inu, showcasing its transformative impact on the crypto landscape. Prepare for a new era of marketing.


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